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Indoor Self Storage

Discover an unparalleled storage experience at Xtreme Storage in Albuquerque, NM. Embrace a hassle-free and reliable solution for all your storage needs. Our storage facility boasts not only unbeatable prices but also exceptional service, granting you easy access to your belongings. Witness the marvel of our competitive prices and bask in the warmth of our friendly and professional staff who are devoted to ensuring customer satisfaction. It comes as no surprise that a remarkable 60% of our new clientele stems from referrals and satisfied repeat customers. Moreover, an astounding 40% of our loyal patrons have been entrusting us with their storage requirements for over three years. This unequivocally proves that once you become a part of our storage family, we are dedicated to ensuring your happiness and contentment every step of the way.

Indoor Self Storage (10 x 8 x 9)

Indoor, non-climate controlled, drive-up, large roll up door

$80 / month

Waiting List

Indoor Self Storage (12 x 8 x 9)

Indoor, drive-up, non-climate controlled, large roll up door

$95 / month

Waiting List

Indoor Self Storage (10 x 12 x 9)

Indoor, non-climate controlled, roll up door, drive up self storage. It fits the contents of an entire family room or two full bedrooms, including several small to medium-sized boxes.

$95 / month

Waiting List

Indoor Self Storage (12 x 12 x 9)

Indoor, non-climate controlled, drive up, roll up door. It fits the contents of an entire family room or two full bedrooms, including several small to medium-sized boxes.

$100 / month

Waiting List

Indoor Self Storage - 1st Floor (8 x 10 x 8)

First floor, indoor storage vault. Wide, double doors.

$75 / month

Waiting List

Indoor Self Storage - 1st Floor (8 x 20 x 8)

8'x20'x8' indoor storage vault. First floor, wide double doors.

$125 / month

Waiting List

Climate Controlled Self Storage

Climate Controlled Self Storage, 1st floor (7 x 9 x 9)

Indoor, climate controlled self storage

$115 / month

Waiting List

Climate Controlled Self Storage, 1st floor (9 x 10 x 9)

It fits the contents of an entire family room or two full bedrooms, including several small to medium-sized boxes.

$120 / month

Waiting List

Outside Self Storage

Outside Self Storage (8 x 5 x 8)

Wide door, drive up, solid steel storage vault

$43.95 / month

Waiting List

Outside Self Storage (10 x 8 x 8)

Wide double doors, drive up, stainless steel storage vault

$75 / month

Waiting List

Outside Self Storage (14 x 8 x 9)

Roll Up Door, Drive Up Storage Container

$85 / month

Waiting List

Outside Self Storage (20 x 8 x 8)

Drive up, double doors, solid steel storage vault. It fits the contents of an entire family room or two full bedrooms, including several small to medium-sized boxes.

$130 / month

Waiting List

Outside Storage Container (28 x 8.5 x 9.5)

Rollup door, drive up storage container

$125 / month

Waiting List

Outside Storage Container (28 x 8.5 x 9.5)

Double door, drive up storage container

$125 / month

Waiting List

Outside Storage Container (40 x 8 x 9)

Roll up door, drive up, storage container

$150 / month

Waiting List


People often use storage spaces when they're moving houses, changing rental places, staying in a short-term home, or moving far away.

Life Transitions
Life can sometimes bring big changes like divorce, retirement, taking care of family stuff, or dealing with natural events. During these times, storage units can help a lot.

Instead of moving to a bigger house or office, keep your place tidy by putting things you want to keep, but don't need right now, in storage.

Apartment Living
If you live in a small apartment with not much room for stuff, renting a storage space can give you more space.

Storing a Vehicle
Things like cars, bikes, RVs, boats, vans, and more can be kept safe in a special storage space.

Home Renovations
When fixing up a home or office, you might need weeks or months. During this time, you can keep your furniture and other stuff in storage to make space.

Business Storage
Many small and medium businesses use storage units to keep extra things like products, materials, files, tools, or vehicles.

College Storage
College students use storage for more space in their dorms, when they go home for summer, or if they study in a different country for a bit.

Military Living
People in the military and their families move around a lot. Sometimes they move to very different places. Storage can be super helpful for them during these moves.


When you put your stuff in a storage place, you hope it stays safe. So, it's important to pick a place that's secure. Xtreme Storage Albuquerque has things like bright lights, cameras, and gates that need a special code. Some places even have special alarms and floors that only certain people can go to. You can find out more about how we keep things safe.

It's good to see if the storage place is clean when you're picking one. If it's clean, it means they care about your things. If a place isn't clean, that's not a good sign. We at Xtreme Storage Albuquerque always try to keep our places tidy and nice. We want you to feel good about leaving your stuff with us.

Customer Service 
Good help is important at a storage place. Some places don't even have people to help you if you have questions. But at Xtreme Storage Albuquerque, our team is always ready to help. We're proud of our friendly and smart staff.
Think about where you want your storage place to be. If you need to store things because your house is full, maybe pick a place near your house or your work. If you're moving houses, maybe a place near your new house is better. Think about how often you'll visit and pick a place that's easy to get to.

The price of storing things can change based on where it is, how big it is, and special things like if the place is air-conditioned. When you're looking for a good deal, know how much you can spend. Xtreme Storage Albuquerque has some good deals, like getting the first month free or half off.
self storage albuquerque


Self storage is a place where people can rent space to keep their things. This space or room, often called a storage unit, is usually rented every month. This is different from other storage places because you have more freedom. You decide how to organize your stuff, you can visit anytime when it's open, and you can add or take out things as you wish.


At Xtreme Storage Albuquerque, you can keep many things in your storage space, but not everything. You can't store dangerous or not allowed stuff. If you're unsure about something, just ask the person in charge. You CAN keep things like: furniture, gadgets, clothes, stuff for your business, and sports gear. You CANNOT keep things like: food, illegal things, broken cars, and stuff that can catch fire (like gas, big batteries).


Most people at Xtreme Storage Albuquerque store things like clothes, furniture, and machines. But you can also keep other things from your house or work like cars, health stuff, and building tools.


Outside Spaces You Can Drive Up To

These are like big garages. They're popular because they're easy to use. You can drive your car, or even big trucks, right next to them to put in or take out stuff.

Inside Spaces

These storage spaces are inside a building, so they're more like big closets. They're safe from rain and sun, and some even have special features to control the temperature.


Longer Open Hours 
At Xtreme Storage Albuquerque, you can visit your storage room during long hours. Even if our office is open from 9:30am to 6pm, you can get to your storage from 6am to 10pm every day. So, you don't need to rush from work.

All Day Access 
Some people need different hours. That's why we have an option to visit your storage any time, day or night. Just chat with the manager to find out about 24/7 access.

Controlled Temperature Storage These storage spaces are kept between 55 and 80 degrees. This is great for stuff that needs a steady temperature. Some even control how damp or dry the room is.

Storing Cars and Other Vehicles 
You can keep cars, bikes, boats, trailers, and even big campers at Xtreme Storage Albuquerque. We have indoor, outdoor, and sheltered spaces to choose from.
Storage Lockers 
If you only have a little to store, we have small lockers. They're perfect so you don't waste money on space you don't need.

Business Storage 
Businesses can store stuff too! We have special spaces like workshops, offices, and even delivery services for businesses.

Insurance for Your Storage 
Even if you have home or renter's insurance, it might be good to get extra insurance for your storage at Xtreme Storage Albuquerque. It could give you more protection.

Packing and Storage Supplies
Moving Need a lock? Packing stuff? We have boxes, packing tools, locks, and other helpful things for sale at Xtreme Storage Albuquerque.


Q: What is a self-storage facility?

A: A self-storage facility is a place where individuals or businesses can rent units or lockers to store their belongings securely. These spaces can range in size and are often used for both short-term and long-term storage needs.

Q: What sizes are the storage units?

A: Our facility offers a variety of unit sizes ranging from 5x5 feet (similar to a small closet) to 10x30 feet (the size of a large garage). Specific sizes may vary based on availability and location.

Q: How do I choose the right unit size?

A: Our team can assist you in determining the right size based on the items you wish to store. Additionally, we have size guides and virtual tours available on our website to help you visualize the space.

Q: Is there a minimum rental period?

A: Typically, the minimum rental period is one month. However, we do offer shorter-term options and special promotions from time to time.

Q: How secure are the storage units?

A: Security is our top priority. Our facility is equipped with 24/7 video surveillance, electronic gate access, and individual unit alarms. We also have onsite staff during business hours to monitor the premises.

Q: Do I need to provide my own lock?

A: While you're welcome to use your own lock, we also sell high-quality locks at our facility. It's essential that you use a lock to ensure your unit's security.

Q: Can I access my unit anytime?

A: Our standard access hours are from 6 AM to 10 PM daily. However, 24-hour access can be arranged upon special request and may be subject to additional fees.

Q: Are there items I am not allowed to store?

A: Prohibited items include perishables, flammable or explosive materials, illegal substances, stolen goods, live animals, and any items that may be a hazard or cause harm.

Q: Do you offer climate-controlled units?

A: Yes, we offer climate-controlled units that maintain a consistent temperature and humidity level, ideal for sensitive items like electronics, artwork, and documents.

Q: How do I make payments?

A: Payments can be made in person, online, or over the phone. We accept credit cards, debit cards, checks, and cash. We also offer an auto-pay option for added convenience.

Q: What happens if I'm late on a payment?

A: If a payment is missed, a late fee will be applied to your account. If the account remains delinquent, access to the unit may be restricted, and eventually, the items might be auctioned. We always communicate with our customers before such actions, and we urge you to contact us if you foresee any payment issues.

Q: Do you offer insurance for stored items?

A: While we take all precautions to ensure the safety of your belongings, we do recommend getting storage insurance. We offer storage insurance options, or you can use your homeowner's or renter's insurance if it covers stored items.

Q: Can I transfer to a different unit size?

A: Certainly! Depending on availability, you can upgrade or downsize your unit. If you need a different size, just speak to our staff for assistance.

Q: How do I end my rental agreement?

A: We typically require a notice (e.g., 15 days) before you vacate. Once you've removed all items from your unit and swept it clean, just inform our staff, and they'll process the move-out.

Q: Can I reserve a unit in advance?

A: Yes, you can reserve a unit in advance based on availability. A deposit may be required to hold your reservation.

For any additional questions or concerns, please contact our friendly staff or visit our website. We're here to assist you with all your storage needs!