Breaking Bad Fans Rejoice: A Tour of Iconic Filming Locations in Albuquerque - Albuquerque, New Mexico

Published on 10/27/2023

1.      Breaking Bad Fans Rejoice: A Tour of Iconic Filming Locations in Albuquerque

In the world of television, few shows have left as indelible a mark as "Breaking Bad." This critically acclaimed series, created by Vince Gilligan, captivated audiences with its compelling characters, gripping plot twists, and the mesmerizing backdrop of Albuquerque, New Mexico. As fans of the show know, the city itself played a prominent role, with its unique landscapes and distinct locales becoming integral to the storyline. For those eager to immerse themselves in the world of Walter White and Jesse Pinkman, a tour of iconic filming locations in Albuquerque NM is a pilgrimage not to be missed.

The Birthplace of Heisenberg: Walter White's Home

Your "Breaking Bad" journey begins at the very heart of the series: Walter White's home. Located at 308 Negra Arroyo Lane, this iconic residence served as the backdrop for countless pivotal moments throughout the show's five-season run. Although the property is privately owned and not open to the public, you can still capture the essence of Heisenberg's world by taking photos from the street.

Jesse Pinkman's House: A Life of Turmoil

Next, head to 9809 Margo Street SW, the former residence of Jesse Pinkman. This house witnessed Jesse's tumultuous life as he navigated the drug trade alongside Walter White. While the current owners kindly ask that visitors respect their privacy, you can snap some photos from the street to pay homage to this unforgettable character.

Twisters: Los Pollos Hermanos

A "Breaking Bad" tour wouldn't be complete without a visit to Twisters, the fast-food restaurant that served as the front for Los Pollos Hermanos, Gus Fring's drug empire. Located at 4257 Isleta Boulevard SW, Twisters offers a chance to step into the world of the show while savoring a delicious green chile cheeseburger – a local favorite that was often featured on the series. Inside, you'll find "Breaking Bad" memorabilia and a plaque marking the booth where Walter White and Gustavo Fring had their infamous meeting.

Car Wash: A Symbol of Money Laundering

Just a short drive from Twisters, you'll find Octopus Car Wash at 9516 Snow Heights Circle NE. This car wash played a pivotal role in the series, serving as a front for Walter White's money laundering operation. While you can't launder money here, you can appreciate the significance of this location and, if you're lucky, take a guided "Breaking Bad" tour that includes a stop at the car wash.

The Crossroads Motel: A Haven for Heisenberg

The Crossroads Motel, located at 1001 Central Ave NE, may not be a luxurious retreat, but it was an essential location in "Breaking Bad." Walter White frequently used this motel for his illicit activities, and it serves as a symbol of the moral crossroads he faced throughout the series. The motel is still in operation, so you can stop by and admire this piece of "Breaking Bad" history.

Los Pollos Hermanos: The Real Deal

While Los Pollos Hermanos is a fictional fast-food chain, you can still enjoy a meal at Twisters, as mentioned earlier. However, if you're looking for an even more authentic experience, consider visiting Twisters' Central Avenue location at 4253 Isleta Boulevard SW, where you can indulge in a meal while imagining yourself in Gus Fring's empire.

Saul Goodman's Law Office: Better Call Saul!

For fans of the show's spin-off series, "Better Call Saul," a visit to Saul Goodman's law office is a must. The real-life location for Saul's office can be found at 9809 Candelaria Road NE. While you won't find the colorful lawyer himself, you can appreciate the humor and wit that made his character a fan favorite.

Tuco's Hideout: A Place of Chaos

Venture to 13th Street SW and Lavaland Drive SW to find the dilapidated building that served as Tuco Salamanca's hideout in the series. This location was the backdrop for some of the show's most intense and chaotic scenes. While the building is now abandoned and fenced off, its place in "Breaking Bad" lore is undeniable.

Downtown Albuquerque: The Heart of the Action

Downtown Albuquerque is a hub of "Breaking Bad" filming locations, offering fans a chance to explore the heart of the series. The district is home to several iconic spots, including the locations where Hank Schrader faced off against the Salamanca cousins (Parking Lot at Central Ave SW & 3rd St SW), where Jesse Pinkman and Jane Margolis rented an apartment (710 Central Ave SE), and where Walter White confronts Jesse Pinkman (Plaza del Sol at 300 San Pedro Dr NE).

The Albuquerque Rail Yards: A Decaying Empire

The Albuquerque Rail Yards, located at 1st Street SW & Hazeldine Avenue SW, were featured prominently in "Breaking Bad." This historic location served as the setting for various scenes, most notably as a drug distribution center for the infamous Heisenberg. While it has since fallen into disrepair, efforts to restore and repurpose the rail yards are ongoing, making it an intriguing spot for fans of the show and urban explorers alike.

A Stroll in the Park: Jane's Demise

A visit to the charming Washington Park, located at 1101 Grand Ave SW, offers a chance to reflect on one of the show's most poignant and tragic moments. It was in this park that Jane Margolis, played by Krysten Ritter, met her unfortunate end. As you walk through the park, you'll find a serene atmosphere that contrasts

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